Level 4 TEAM-CBT Application

Based on your involvement and interest in TEAM-CBT you may be eligible for TEAM-CBT Level 4 Certification!

*Please only purchase and apply for certification If you have:

Requirement 1:
1. Completed 40 weeks of "Advanced Consultation Group" focused on learning skills of TEAM-CBT consultation (exclusively for Levels 3+: Led by Matthew May and Daniel Mintie)


b. 14 hours of 1:1 Training with Level 5 Trainer; Must follow specific guidelines (request from whereby the trainee acts in the role of consultant on cases.

Trainer No. 1 & # of Hours
Trainer No. 2 & # of Hours
Trainer No. 3 & # of Hours

Requirement 2:
Learn to lead TEAM-CBT training groups, either:
a. 24 weeks (minimum) co-leading a training group with a Level 4 or 5 trainer

Level 4 or 5 Trainer
Enter Date range
Completed 24(min) weeks co-leading


b. Teach a 12-week structured curriculum with supervision from a Level 5 TEAM trainer (requires 6 one-hour meetings; supervisor must observe at least one group meeting)

Name of Level 5 TEAM Trainer Supervising
Enter Date Range
Completed Teaching 12-week with Level 5 Trainer


c. Teach a 12-week structured curriculum with supervision from "Train the Trainers Group" (currently offered free via FGI, contact

Train the Trainers Group Date Range
Completed teaching 12-week course with Supervision from Train the Trainers Group

Requirement 3:
Endorsement of readiness from two Level 5 Team Trainers

Name of 1st Level 5 TEAM Trainer
Name of 2nd Level 5 TEAM Trainer

1. Receive certificate of achievement
2. Right to market self as “Certified TEAM Therapist: Level 4 Trainer”
3. Become a member in a supportive therapist community listserv (for additional learning, consultation, networking, and access to cutting edge developments by Dr. Burns and the TEAM-CBT Master Clinicians)
4. Get listed on the Feeling Good Institute therapist directory. Get recognized and found by the public looking for TEAM-CBT therapists.
5. No annual dues to remain at Level 4


Certification provides a roadmap for clinicians interested in learning TEAM-CBT and publicly acknowledges those who have received training. We would love to welcome you to the community and support your learning!

Certification is not open to the general public and is primarily intended for licensed mental health and medical professionals. Individuals who are pursuing licenses (e.g., students, trainees) or are working as counselors without a license (e.g., certified personal or professional coaches, faith-based organization counselors, counselors in countries without licensing requirements) are welcome to apply for certification at levels 1-3. Trainer levels (4 & 5) are reserved for individuals who hold licenses in mental health or medical fields.

Certified individuals are fully responsible for honest listing of their licensure and other qualifications to provide treatment. Certification does not substitute for comprehensive training in mental health or medical treatment.

Application processing requires 2-4 weeks. When your application has been processed you will receive an email confirming your application status.
  • Certification Application information
  • Certification Overview, Requirements & Rewards
  • Requirements Statement
  • Requirements
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever